Friday, July 3, 2015

Sports Betting for Girls

Pick a player you like the look of if you want -  you're lucky, a lot of the top strikers are pretty-boys, but don't let it cloud your judgement and stop you investing in Agen Bola Tangkas Terpercaya the slightly 'plainer-looking' players. I'd never bet on my own team - Tottenham's performance this season has been too wobbly for my wallet and it's just too stressful willing someone, anyone, to score. Actually Tottenham do alright with the scoring's just that they let a fair few in as well.    
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Believe me - it's far, far kinder on your nerves to bet for another team. If your betting career is just off the bench then picking a player to score is a good and simple way to start - strikers are usually given the shortest odds, then the defensive midfielders, and lastly centre-backs and full-backs. Remember though, that this can change according to the team you're betting on. Case in point is Cristiano - 38 goals and can't stop scoring - Ronaldo, who is technically a right-wing midfielder. However, because he keeps putting them in the back of the net, the bookies have wised-up and done their adjustments. Now he ends up sharing the shorter odds of a straight-up striker like Wayne Rooney, so although it's likely he'll score, you probably won't make your millions betting on this Manchester United protege.    

Liverpool's goldielocks striker Fernando Torres has put away 28 fine-looking goals this season and appears to be on top form, so with a few hat-tricks under his belt he's statistically quite safe. And, if you don't support Spurs and won't come out in a cold-sweat vying for a win, betting on the steely-eyed, Byronic Berbatov, isn't a bad idea -  the troubled Bulgarian striker has scored 22 goals so far.

The top strikers won't have amazing odds -  primarily because the bookies expect them to score, and it's their job. Recent odds on Ronaldo to score were at 5/6. To get better odds and bigger rewards, maybe check out a centre-back -  you'll strike it lucky if a defender grabs a goal. If it's possible, remember to check that your player isn't injured or on the bench, if they're not playing, then they sure ain't scoring. Don't also forget to check your odds - it's recommended you don't bet blindly. I use Blue Square to do my online betting, and they show all the odds and do my calculations for me. Keep your bets small, and keep your attitude light - remember that it's just fun and Agen Judi Bola Online Indonesia games.    

I'll be spicing the beautiful game with some football betting next week and putting a couple of lucky pounds on the reliable Torres, who I'm hoping will be up for one - or indeed three -  against Chelsea, after his epic twisting shot in the semi-finals of UEFA cup. However, while I'm hopeful Fernando brings me riches, I'd trade all my pennies for the glory of a few end-of-season wins down at White Hart Lane.

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